How to Select Your Favorites


Step 1. Make a Client Account

CLICK HERE to create your own client account. This makes it easy to access your favorites from any computer. You can even come back to make your selection over multiple sittings just by logging back in. 

Step 2. Select your favorites.

Access your galleries from the CLIENT ACCESS page. If you forgot the access code, just send us a quick email. Once you are in your photo gallery, you can hover over any photo and click on the heart icon in the upper corner or you can simply press the "f" key on your keyboard. Repeat for each gallery until you have all your favorites selected. Notice that your selection can be reviewed in the top left corner of the browser window.

*Feel free to select favorites in multiple sittings, but remember to STORE your favorites after each sitting by going to the top left corner of the site in the favorites menu. Use the STORE button.

Step 3. Share your favorites with us.

When you are done selecting your favorites, go to the favorites menu (top left corner of the site while logged in) and click on the "Send to..." button to share your favorites with me (the photographer). You can add instructions for your favorites in that message field.

This short video gives some helpful instructions for selecting and sharing your favorites.